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Want to be part of the team at TLK? We’re hiring!

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Youth Culinary Instructor

At TLK we consider our Youth Summer Cooking camps as our chance to create the future chefs of YXE. Each participant is a blank slate- ready to learn the passion for cooking that forms great chefs and future foodies. Because of this our curriculum is a balance of lesson plans that will build a foundation of timeless skills, as well as making time for our young learners have fun and be creative in the kitchen. Our Youth Culinary Instructor will be trusted with sparking the joy of cooking with participants, as well as keeping them safe while they learn. This person will also be expected to accurately represent The Local Kitchen, treating each participant with respect and working with their individual learning style and ensuring that they’re setting these young chefs off on the right foot in the their culinary adventures.

If this is you please fill read the full post to see if you quality to apply. We’re looking forward to meeting the newest member of our team!


Culinary Operations Manager

Interested in the entrepreneurial life? As Culinary Operations Manager you will get an inside peek at what operating a busy small business will look like. From helping guests pick out their next perfect next cooking class, assisting with youth summer camp sessions or troubleshooting a leaky dishwasher, this position will teach you a lot this summer! With a combination of high level tasks as well as day-to-day management of a small business, this term position will look great on a future resume. Our TLK Culinary Operations Manager will work closely with TLK owners, learning the ins and outs of running a a business, while making sure The Local Kitchen is ready for whatever is coming up next.

If you think this position would be the perfect fit for you please read the full post to see if you qualify to apply. We’re looking forward to meeting the newest member of our team!