Teach a Cooking Class at The Local Kitchen

Thank you for your interest in instructing a cooking course or workshop!

Please understand that though we accept applications on an on-going basis, we do not keep a large roster of Chefs on staff (generally about 6 - 10 featured hosts). Therefore we may not be able to accommodate you if we are fully staffed but may keep your information on hand for the future. 

Recipes, Ingredients & Cooking Supplies 

Cooking courses at The Local Kitchen generally accommodate approximately 12 participants. We ask that you provide a couple of signature dishes or sample recipes that you plan to prepare for a group of this size prior to hosting your first class. Please be mindful of possible participant allergies or sensitivities when planning your class.

Please abide by all the regulation outlined by the SK Health and Safety, including that all food preparation must take place on site at The Local Kitchen. Compensation for food purchases will be explained upon invitation for you to teach a cooking course. A copy of your Food Safe 1 certificate and proof of insurance of $1 million liability coverage will be required prior to hosting your first class. If your class is focused on kids cooking, a criminal record check will be required. 

The Local Kitchen is well-stocked with cooking equipment for the class participants. Unless you have a special need, the kitchen will most likely fulfill all your needs for meal preparation, demonstration, and a sit-down dinner. You will be responsible for providing any specialty cooking equipment required for your class, as well a set of knives for yourself. You are also responsible for following protocols to clean the kitchen both before and after your class. 

Alcohol Use 

Alcohol may be served in The Local Kitchen with the meal provided that all the participants have valid photo identification. Please let us know if you have any questions about alcohol use during a cooking class. The Local Kitchen staff will be on hand to offer beverages to class participants who would like additional beverages during the preparation and dining experience.    

Cooking in the Local Kitchen Demonstration/Cooking Instructor Application

Please complete the following application, please include a list of relevant professional references. A representative from The Local Kitchen will contact you to follow up within two weeks of receiving your application.

Provide provide both a short title and a more descriptive title of your class.  

Example:  “Italian Cooking” or“Cooking with Chronic Illness: Managing Diabetes without Sacrificing Taste”. The description should be 3-5 sentences long, and include enticing adjectives, as would be used to market the class to the public. Also include recipe titles. 

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Provide examples of your teaching experience. Include specific examples of teaching medium sized groups of 10-20 people, and of teaching cooking to others.
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Please submit any relevant files (ie. Food Safe 1 certificate, criminal record check).