Ready to get started? Here's what you'll need.

We want to see our members do well and success is built on a strong foundation. Your business's foundation won't be secure unless you make sure to follow the laws and regulations around starting a legitimate food business. If you're serious about starting and operating a business at The Local Kitchen, here's where you'll need to start. 


Business License

Its important to have a business license to ensure that the reputation of your company is in good standing. Customers, suppliers and the government need to know that your business is legitimate. By having a business license it tells the community that you are taking your business seriously. Having a license allows you to file for a yearly tax return supporting the legitimacy of the business and avoid being fined by the different governing bodies.

You do not need to incorporate to run a food business but you may choose to do so as it would help to protect your personal assets in event that your business is under legal scrutiny. The type of business license you need as a member here is a Home Based Business and you can apply for it online at the link below. Please put your residential address as the business address but also indicate on the form that your production will be at The Local Kitchen.

City of Saskatoon
Business License Dept. 

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Ph: (306) 975-2760



Accidents happen. 

You need to protect your assets and earnings in the event that a disaster or emergency destroys part or all of your business premises and assets. 

You also need to protect us in the event of an accident while using The Local Kitchen. We require anyone using our kitchens to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. You should budget for around $40-$60/month for this expense.


Food Safety Level 1 Certificate

As a business owner, your responsibilities are varied, and they can keep you busy throughout the day. 

You may find yourself overlooking things that may not seem so important until they cause a problem. There is a growing problem with food borne illnesses, and this is a serious concern for anyone who owns a food business.

In many cases, food poisoning could be avoided with the proper food safety procedures put into place. Training is essential to ensure that staff understand their responsibilities in terms of food handling.

The Food Safety course is an 8 hour course and costs between $50-$75.

There are two options for Food Safety courses in Saskatoon. The benefits of using Food Safety 1st is that the course is offered more frequently and it's a little less in terms of cost. 

Food Safety 1st
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Phone: 1 (306) 291-4161

Population and Public Health
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#101-310 Idylwyld Drive North
Saskatoon SK