Kitchen Rentals

Helping food entrepreneurs grow their business.

By sharing kitchen space, you are sharing in the overhead costs of operating a commercial kitchen, working in a fun and collaborative environment, with lots of public exposure and resources to help your business find success. We are all about helping yummy products, and services get out to the people of Saskatoon, by highlighting local ingredients and talent.

Kitchen Rentals start at only $28/hr
Bulk packages available


Benefits of working with The Local Kitchen

  • Lower start-up cost for our users – you can use our kitchen as a long term solution or a launching pad to your own independent facility in the future. It is expensive to build your own kitchen, why not save your pennies and get cracking on your business sooner.
  • Commercially inspected food safe facility - you and your customers can feel assured and comfortable, knowing your products and services meet public health standards.
  • Increase your output per hour by having access to a greater quantity and quality of equipment.
  • Access to a wide network of food businesses, suppliers, and customers to help your business grow in exciting ways.
  • Promotion and advertising - we are very active on social media and are committed to sharing your ideas in our promotions.
  • Qualified advisors on staff to help you with product development, regulatory requirements, food safety, as well as business start up questions pertaining to budgeting, bookkeeping, etc.

Inquire about kitchen rentals.



Q: How much does it cost?

A: Rental rates start at $28 per hour.

If you are willing to book during non-peak times (8 pm to 8 am) you will receive a 10% discount, for the hours that fall within those times.

Discounts also available for people who book 20 hours, or more, each week.
20 hours =5% discount, 30 hours = 10% discount, 40 hours =15% discount

**We require a minimum 3 hour per month booking**

Q: You require customers to purchase a $250 annual membership - what does this include?

A:  Being a member of The Local Kitchen has many perks - it puts you on our referral list (we already have people approaching us for recommendations for caterers and food products), makes you eligible for promotions, gives you advertising through our webpage and social media, and puts you on our informative mailing list to keep you updated of whats going on in the kitchen and any opportunities. It also covers things like cleaning supplies, laundry service, and coffee while you're on the job. Monthly payment option is $25/month.

Q: What equipment is in your kitchens?

A: Two of the kitchens are equipped with:

  • 2 standard ovens
  • 6 gas burners
  • Flat top griddle
  • Under-counter cooler
  • Work surface

 The third kitchen was designed with bakers in mind and is equipped with:

  • 1 Convection Oven
  • 1 Standard Oven
  • 6 gas burners
  • Under counter cooler
  • Work Surface

 Additional equipment available:

  • Char broiler
  • Stock pot range
  • 30 quart Hobart Mixer
  • 2 rolling pan racks
  • Ice machine

Q: Do you have storage?

A: Yes, but in an effort to maintain low rates for our users our space is limited. We have the following storage options available on a first come first serve basis:

  • Dry - $50 / month
  • Cooler - $50 / month
  • Freezer - $50 / month

Q: Do I have to bring my own pots, pans, knives, etc.?

A: We provide basic: pots, pans, baking sheets, whisks, spoons, ladles, etc. that you are free to use.

 You will need to bring your own knives, catering equipment, as well as any specialty items such as immersion blenders, pasta makers, etc. If you are wondering about a specific utensil or piece of equipment, feel free to contact us and ask if we have it or would consider purchasing it!

Q: What do I need to get started?

  • Use the form above to tell us about your business and set up a tour.
  • Provide proof of completing your Food Safe, level 1 Certificate
  • Secure liability insurance - we can advise you on this if you need more information
  • Active business license
  • Have a good idea of your sales projections and what your operating costs will be - this one is for your benefit :)