Private Events

Great for birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, corporate team building, Christmas parties or any occasion!


Cooking Class

Groups of 10 - 14 people

Skills Class - Focus on one specific food for example: Fresh pasta, soup, perogies, or pie.

Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Available daytime (prior to 4 pm) or Monday & Tuesday evenings only
$75 /guest (Nov 15 - Jan 31 $85/guest)

Night Out Class – Includes 3 multi-component gourmet courses. We provide 4-5 seasonal menu options or can develop a menu per your request for an additional charge. The group participates in cooking and then eats the full meal together at the end of the class.

Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours. 

$85 /guest (Nov 15 - Jan 31 $100/guest)

*for certain classes we can have up to 16 people but the class becomes more demonstration style and not as hands on*



Interactive Cocktail Party

Groups of 16 - 40 people

Like a house party but without any of the stress of prep work or clean up.

A chef will do a brief cooking demo of some menu items for everyone to observe and then will be set up in the kitchen turning out canapes for you to enjoy throughout the evening. Guests are welcome to watch, ask questions or get involved if they like or they can mingle with a drink and enjoy the company of other guests without getting their hands dirty.

$65 / guest (Nov 15 - Jan 31 $80 / guest)



Chef's Table

Groups of 10 - 21 people

Three to four course dinner prepared by a talented local chef and served in an intimate family style setting with a great view of the kitchen. Guests are not involved in the preparation of the meal but each course is described in detail so you can learn by eating. Feel free to observe and interact with the chef as they put finishing touches on the courses, or just relax at the table with a glass of wine and good company.

We coordinate with the chef to provide options or develop a menu per your request. Drink service is provided.

$110 / guest (Nov 15 - Jan 31 $125/ guest)

*for groups over 16 there is a $150 charge for us to rent an extra table and chairs to seat everyone*

TLK outside.jpg

Kitchen Escape!

Groups of 16 - 30 people

We've partnered with our next door neighbor, Mastermind Live Escape to come up with an event for slightly larger groups that want to be very active in the kitchen.

The group splits into two and Group 1 participates in a cooking class while Group 2 goes next door to see if they can solve a series of real life puzzles. After an hour and fifteen minutes the groups switch so everyone gets a chance for each activity.

At the end, everyone congregates back at The Local Kitchen to eat what was prepared during the cooking classes. As we only have seating for 16 the menu would be canapé style so guest can eat and drink while mingling.

$100 / guest (Nov 15 - Jan 31 $115/ guest)

more info on escape rooms here:



Ancestry Cooking Class

Recommended max 16 people as this is number of seats at our dining table.

For families with a strong cultural connection to their food. Family members who hold the secret recipes lead the class providing an opportunity for their loved ones to learn how to prepare the recipes they've grown up enjoying, and ensure these traditional dishes are being carried on throughout the generations. At the end of the class you can sit and enjoy the meal you've created together as a family without having to worry about cleaning up - we take care of that.

This package also includes a photographer to capture the experience, so you'll be able to look back on this fun day for years to come. Marie Denis from Kindle and Grow specializes in family photos, you can see some of her work on her Instagram feed @kindleandgrow.

$900 (includes facility, table service, clean up and photographer, does not include ingredients)

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Extra Special Extras

Birthday Party Package - Includes an artisan birthday cake and a bottle of bubbles. Add $15 / person


Customized Liquor Menu -  If you would like wine pairings or specific cocktails, in addition to our usual
house wines and beer, to make your event that much more special we are happy to arrange this.

Stocking fee of $25 for cocktails and $50 for wine pairing (we consult a sommelier) plus $10/cocktail or whatever your chosen budget is for wine.

Pre-payment is required for a pre-determined number of drinks.


A la Carte

Want to rent the demo kitchen to teach your own class or have a private chef you'd like to bring in? Here are your options.

$300 facility only rental ( 4 hours minimum $50/hour for additional hours)

$100-$200 labour assistance for set up, during event and clean up (includes drink service)

$100 full clean up

*prices increase slightly between Nov 15 and Jan 31.