By sharing kitchen space, you are sharing in the overhead costs of operating a commercial kitchen, working in a fun and collaborative environment, with lots of public exposure and resources to help your business find success. We are all about helping yummy products, and services get out to the people of Saskatoon, by highlighting local ingredients and talent.

Benefits of working with The Local Kitchen

  • Lower start-up cost for our users – you can use our kitchen as a long term solution or a launching pad to your own independent facility in the future. It is expensive to build your own kitchen, why not save your pennies and get cracking on your business sooner.
  • Commercially inspected food safe facility - you and your customers can feel assured and comfortable, knowing your products and services meet public health standards.
  • Increase your output per hour by having access to a greater quantity and quality of equipment.
  • Access to a wide network of food businesses, suppliers, and customers to help your business grow in exciting ways.
  • Promotion and advertising - we are very active on social media and are committed to sharing your ideas in our promotions.
  • Qualified advisors on staff to help you with product development, regulatory requirements, food safety, as well as business start up questions pertaining to budgeting, bookkeeping, etc.