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Zero Waste Cooking

Concerned about food waste? Us too! Statistics Canada reports that as much as 58% of the food produced is Canada is lost or wasted each year, making up more than 30% of our landfill. While there is definitely room for industry improvement much of Canada’s food waste occurs in the home. Join us to learn some tips for creating a delicious meal that generates no food waste!

Chef: Roberto Jacinto


Homemade stock

Pickling brine


Using up stems

Zero Waste Berry Puff

Class Style:

This class is a Night Out style. For a night out class the group comes together to create various parts of the menu. There will be a few specific learning points throughout the cooking portion of the evening with an emphasis on a beautiful three course meal enjoyed by the group after preparation.  Beer and wine available for purchase. 

Price: $80.00 + gst