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Youth Cooking Camp: Make Your Own Meals *SOLD OUT*

No more "I'm huuuuuuunnnnngry........"! Adrianna will make sure your kids have an arsenal of recipes and techniques ready to combat those hunger pangs on their own, rather than relying on their current chef- you. 

Ages 11-14



Monday: Breakfast

• Pancakes

• Omelettes

• Fruit Kabobs or Grilled Fruit


Tuesday: Lunch

• Lentil Soup

• Cheese Biscuits

• Veggie Sticks

• Vegetable Dips


Wednesday: Snacks

• Banana Muffins

• Granola Bars

• Quesadillas

• Discuss spices  


Thursday: Supper

• Chicken Fingers

• Honey Mustard Sauce

• Roasted Vegetables

• Potato Wedges


Friday: Dessert

• Dessert Pizzas

• Fruit Cobbler or Crisp

• Cherry Dump Salad


Learning Objectives: 

1. Practice Baking Basics

2. Learn Breading Technique

3. Discover Commonly Used Spices

4. Ways to Add Fruits and/or Vegetables to Every Meal!


Price: $350 + gst

Please visit our 'Youth Cooking Camp' page for more information