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Youth Cooking Camp: Pirate Life For Me

Arrrrr matey! This ship needs a cook! But you won't find any gruel here! This will be a well fed crew with Adrianna teaching the class all about Caribbean cooking, from traditional recipes like Hearty Lentil and Bean Stew and Grilled Pineapples to some fun treats like Treasure Map Pizza and Pirate Cupcakes.

Beginner; Ages 8 - 12


  • Monday:
    • Introduce Caribbean spices and veggies
    • Tasting some of the spices that we will be playing with over the week
    • Make a Treasure Map Pizza dough
    • Baked Pineapple Rings


  • Tuesday
    • Hearty Lentil & Bean Stew (using dried legumes that would hold well on a ship)
    • Dumplings Lemon Seaweed Salad


  • Wednesday
    • Caribbean Yams
    • Grilled Fish (quick marinade)
    • Mango “Salsa”


  • Thursday
    • Seashell Pasta Salad Fresh Fruit Salad with Ginger Sauce
    • Fried Plantains


  • Friday
    • Pirate themed cupcakes
    • Pirate Punch


Learning Objectives: 

1. Explore and Experience Caribbean Vegetables and Spices

2. Learn Grilling Techniques

3. Discover Quick Marinades


Price: $350 + gst

Please visit our 'Youth Cooking Camp' page for more information