The Local Kitchen visits Fresh City Farms

In Preperation for opening The Local Kitchen, the three of us hopped on a plane to Toronto to see what the big city is doing in the world of collaborative food innovation. 


One of the stops we made was to visit Fresh City Farms who welcomed us in to check out their operation with open arms. Fresh City Farms delivers fresh and local food from their inner-city farm plot and other local food producers to central pick-up hubs or directly to the doors of consumers in Toronto.

Fresh City farms is doing some really neat things in the areas of sustainability and environmental stewardship: from sourcing from organic farms, to packing in reusable bags, to delivering with electric bikes!

Their food bags are customizable to fit the needs, size and food preference of diverse families, and they also equip their consumers with recipes and information to help reduce food waste and encourage

Check out their website or visit their blog to learn more about what this innovative group is working on: