Our Holiday Recipes

Christmas is peeking out around the corner and we're pretty pumped at The Local Kitchen. Not only are we lucky enough to be hosting 19 private parties in November and December, it's almost our one year anniversary of opening! Watch for next month's post where we talk about our resolutions for the kitchen for 2018 and a few things we've learned in the last year.

With such a busy season at the kitchen it hasn't left much extra time for personal christmas traditions this year. And even if you're not hosting Christmas dinner at your house there's still a lot of food to prepare during the holidays. Let's face it, once your an adult, eating is pretty much the best part of Christmas right? Luckily we have a few go to recipes that we all like to use around this time of year and we're put them together to share with you! 

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing time with your family and friends this Christmas season...while eating your weight in holiday treats :) 

Happy Holidays from us at The Local Kitchen! 

1. Holiday Party Dish (Julie)


I love this Cranberry & Pomegranate Bruchetta recipe by Tabler Party of Two because it's simple, it's served cold so you don't have to worry about making it while you're trying to get ready to go out or warming it at the party, the flavours are light and unexpected, and you can use any leftover chutney for on the turkey! 



2. Baking Exchange (Caitlin)


A baking exchange is a fun way to get your holiday baking done. Invite a few friends to join in, each bake a few dozen of a christmas treat they enjoy and then exchange until all the participants have a few of each kind. If you're looking for a recipe try this one Caitlin recommends by Six Sisters Stuff for Eggnog Truffles!



3. Christmas Movie Snack (Bailey)


From The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to A Christmas Story there are so many great holiday movies to stay home and cozy up with this time of year. If you want to treat yourself whip up this Dish N The Kitchen recipe for Ranch Nuts and Bolts recommended by Bailey.



4. Class Treats (Julie)


The kiddos are partying it up big this month as well! If you feel like sending them a cute and simple treat to enjoy with their class I like this recipe for snowman cupcakes by One Little Project. 



5. Holiday Cocktail (Caitlin)


The holidays sometimes call for some early mornings. A batch of these holiday mimosas by How Sweet Eats recommended by Caitlin will make those mornings much more enjoyable and festive.



6. Drop in Guests (Bailey)


Friends stopping in is part of the fun of the holidays. Never be left scrambling for something tasty to serve your guests with this recipe for Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarines that Bailey likes by Deliciously Yum


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