Home Sweet Home- Finding the "perfect" location

Looking for the space that you imagine your business being in can kind of...suck. We've all walked into a beautiful restaurant or store and imagined it as our own. And there are enough success stories floating around of entrepreneurs landing their dream space to make us hopeful of the same experience. However as excited you may be when you begin your search it's best to try to keep an level mind through the entire process as much as you can. This is the best way to make smart decisions for your business, as unromantic as it is.

By no means am I am expert on this. I'm FOR SURE the most impulsive one in our partnership. I fall in love hard and it's very hard for me to let go of something I have my heart set on, to the point of it no longer being the best decision. For this reason I try to stay back from these decisions a bit and let the other two more rational decision-makers step forward. I loved The Blok as soon I walked into it. I would have given our landlord whatever he wanted for that space. But luckily I have two cool-as-cucumbers partners to pump the breaks. So I'm not in any postion to give advice on this process. However I'll share a piece of advice I found valuable during this (somewhat painful) process.

"If you leave this space, you take your vision with you"

Everyone's heard the old saying "In business you can't love anything so much that you're not willing to walk away from it". I've heard this many times and I struggle with it immensely. I was reminded of this by Chris Popplewell, owner of Strata Construction when he (sternly) told me that I needed to stop focusing on what tiles and light fixtures we wanted and start focusing on making sure our space fit our budget. When I petulantly whined to him "but I love it..." he told me "No you don't. You love the your vision for your business. The location is just the walls around the real vision. If you leave this space you take your vision with you." Amazing advice that I've repeated to myself whenever Caitlin and Bailey talk about our other options and I break out in a cold sweat. Planning the space before it's secured will only make it harder to let it go if it's not right. It's hard, you're excited. But you have to remain as cold and calculating as possible to make the best decision.

We worked with Kari Fox and Mel Tubman at Commercial Group to find our location for The Local Kitchen. We chose Kari because her knowledge and connections in Saskatoon, but particularily Riversdale, are unmatched. She got what we were looking for and why almost immediately. We would recommend them to anyone looking for the walls for around your vision ;)

Home sweet home 

Home sweet home