10 Reasons why using The Local Kitchen will benefit your food business

The focus and goal of The Local Kitchen is to assist Saskatoon food entrepreneurs launch or grow their businesses. Here's why we using our kitchen will help you get the leg up you need.

  1. Lowered initial investment. The Local Kitchen is built out with all the necessary requirements to pass Health Department standards, we are stocked on everything from large pieces of equipment to spatulas. Book your time, buy your ingredients and get started!
  2. Try before you buy. Try different pieces to see if they work well so you know what to purchase if/when your business is ready for you to spread your wings.
  3. Build a strong network within your field. As the owners of The Local Kitchen we've built some connections with some amazingly inspiring people. We would love to make those connections between our users and the people they need to move their businesses to the next level.
  4. Mentors on hand to assist with your small business needs. We are owners of a food business and would be happy to pass along our experiences to start-ups who need advice. Bailey is a Chartered Professional Accountant and can offer basic business structuring recommendations, budgeting and suggestions on streamlining your finances.
  5. Work hours that work for you. The Local Kitchen will work with you for whatever hours you need, whether that is 6am or 6pm, we're ready when you are.
  6. Smaller monthly operating cost. Rent, utilities, occupancy costs, loan payments, etc. They're all included in your monthly fee. No unexpected costs popping up and putting your business in jeopardy.
  7. No getting your business shut down by the health department! Operating your food business out of a inspected commercial kitchen is the law, if you don't conform to this requirement you run the risk of getting your business shut down and ruining your hard-earned reputation.
  8. Inspiration and advice from the community within The Local Kitchen. Our users are hard-working, creative thinkers who want to support other entrepreneurs. We aren't just looking to provide a location for your business. We're building a supportive community at our kitchen.
  9. Deli/retail store to test your creations out on real consumers. Our staff handles the retail so you're free to keep creating. Find out which of your jams people like best or try out a new salad dressing for a weekday lunch! We'll be sure to pass along any feedback we receive straight to the producer so it can be used as market research.
  10. Shared advertising and marketing through the kitchen's established platform.