2017 Food Business Competition



If you've had an idea for a food business you think Saskatoon will love, now is the time to make it a reality.

Or, if you've started a food business but you need some support and promotion this competition will take it to the next level.

At The Local Kitchen we know there are some amazing ideas and businesses in Saskatoon that people are yet to get to know.

Navigating a starting and running a food business is hard. Whether it's a snack bar or a meal prep service there's so much to know and do, it can be overwhelming. Business service information is often vague and food businesses need specific information about licenses and practices.

We believe that food businesses need two things when they're starting up in order to be successful: relevant and up to date information and a network of similar businesses that can give advice and encouragement.  That's why we partnered with the crew at Square One Business Services and worked together to build specific workshops that contain the information food businesses need. Finalists will attend these workshops and be given the time and attention they need to get their questions answered. 

The prize for the winning business will be a year's membership at The Local Kitchen ($250 value), which will provide a large network of mentor businesses and helpful connections within the food industry in Saskatoon.

As well, the winner will receive 25 complimentary hours in one of our three fully equipped commercial kitchens (valued at $700) to get a jump start while keeping your overhead low. 

Media will be present throughout the competition to introduce finalist's ideas or new businesses to the city and a People Choice Award donated by Russell Foods (to be announced) will be also awarded. 

*Eligibility criteria and schedule below. 

Eligibility Criteria

This competition is aimed towards food products or services within the conceptual or start up phase (less than one year old). However, all applications will be reviewed upon admission. If you think your business would benefit from being a part of this event you are encouraged to submit an application. 

In order to be eligible to enter all businesses/concepts must:

- Hold a Level 1 Food Safety certificate

- Culinary based product or service

- Located within Saskatoon and area

Competition Schedule

June 15th - Applications open online

August 15th - Deadline for applications

August 18th - Finalists are announced

September 7th - Public Tasting event at The Local Kitchen/ People's Choice Award is presented

September 14th - October 15th - Finalists take part in food business assistance workshops

October 19th - Finale event and winners is announced 

If there are any questions about eligiblity or the application process please email them to julie@thelocalkitchenyxe.com.